• Two Adorable baby ferret sisters $75 Everything Included

  • $75
Hello, We are the most adorable 5 month old female baby ferrets (from the same litter) who have been spayed and de-scented. We are adorable and love to cuddle with each other and with people. We have been together since we have been born and don't ever want to be separated. We come included with a heavy duty high-quality two level cage that is on wheels, beds, toys, a harness and leash, 2 litter boxes (easy to switch out with two), litter, food, snacks (well over $300 of stuff). We also come with two small carry-a-long cages for short trips. We do poop a lot (like all ferrets) but we are litter box trained so all you have to do is scoop out our litter box to help keep our home clean. We have a loving home but need someone who can spend more time giving us the attention and love (cuddling) we want. We tend to sleep A LOT, but we also like to get out of our cage and play! If you want us to be a part of your family, please contact our owner at 843-290-5830 (or text) and let her know something about yourself so she'll know you will love us. We are waiting and are excited to meet you!
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